The trading program is intended specifically for traders and managers who work with several accounts at the same time. It has a user-friendly interface and all the main MT4 features as well as safely transmits all data thanks to the Advanced Security solution.

Ease of use and a broad range of features allow even an inexperienced trader to get into gear quickly as MetaTrader 4 can be used for market analysis and MultiTerminal for trading.

Other key advantages:

  • Possibilities to place buy and sell orders and modify them, to close positions fully or partially;
  • Operations are carried out only in the investor’s account, which allows for light supervision of the manager’s actions;
  • Manual or automatic distribution of a required trade volume for each account individually (by means of algorithms of equal distribution or letting the program automatically distribute trade volumes on the basis of the equity ratio).

Please note that:

  • it’s essential to study the MultiTerminal User Guide beforehand. We recommend to test the program in a demo account;
  • all managed accounts have to be located on one server.
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